A downloadable game for Windows

Hey peeps!

Here is a prototype of a short, week long prototype project that me and @Timothy worked on. (Taking a short break from a larger scale project Linked, more info soon).

The story:
In the not so distant future, you are a individual with the power to control gravity. This, of coarse, makes you very dangerous, and also a little grumpy! On this particular day, you were being transported to a maximum security facility on a distant planet when your prison transport is destroyed in a asteroid field! Stuck in the middle of the asteroid field, you have to use your powers to survive, dodging asteroids and keeping your oxygen and health levels up!

The controls:
Left-click moves the center of gravity to which all objects move, allowing you to move asteroids around in order to not be squashed by them.
Right-clicking on any object pulls it towards yourself.

I did the programming. The awesome pixel art was made by @Timothy!

Please enjoy and hit us with some feedback!

Some technical stuff:
Grav was built in the HaxeFlixel cross-platform game engine, which uses the Haxe language. From working with HaxeFlixel on this project I would definitely say that it is quite an epic engine, and it is extremely well documented. Has anyone else used it? I would like to hear some opinions!

Disclaimer: It is still a bit lean on the sound side, hopefully we can fix that soon!

Kind regards!

Install instructions

Just extract and jam!


Grav_windows.zip 3 MB