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In this small 2D platformer, you are the brain behind a network switch. As the CPU of the switch it is your duty to pick up files from specific nodes and deliver them to the dropboxes that appear when you pick them up. Take note that you can only move one file at a time. Network users are not fond of waiting for files, or losing them for that matter. When a file appears it will have a decay timer, once the timer is reached, the file will disappear. If you lose more than 20MB of data (4 files), the users will can the switch and you will lose the game.

But be careful, your platforms will come under attack from pesky viruses that you will have to fend off. Falling through the bottom most platform will destroy the CPU and the switch will fail!


A & D: Move left and right respectively.

W: Jump up one platform.

S: Jump down one platform.

Left Mouse Click: Shoot hashtag bullet where mouse is aiming.

Disclaimer: This is a small, simplistic game that was made as a fun project. It is currently only a prototype and might be buggy.


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