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The Short:

This is a platforming game about killing monks and mutant head lice by using your mutated forearm hair follicles.  

The Long:

The following tale has been lost from the pages of history, but it is nonetheless important.  During the age of the vikings, the monks of England came up with a scheme to convince everyone in the world that their hairstyle is the coolest thing ever. Being the sole providers of this hairstyle, they would become billionaires!

To enact this plan, they tried to destroy all other barbers. Eventually only one remained, you, Balder, the Last Viking Barber. Blessed by Odin with innovative ingenuity, you mutated the hair follicles on your forearm. in order to defend your barber shop against the monks and their mutant head lice. Will you remain the Last Viking Barber?


  • Protect your Barber Shop
  • Right Arrow: Move Player to the right
  • Left Arrow: Move Player to the left
  • Space Bar: Jump
  • Keyboard 1: Activate Spike Follicle – Spike Follicle kill Monks
  • Keyboard 2 : Activate Poison Follicle – Poison Follicle kill Mutated Lice
  • Keyboard 3:  Activate Fire Follicle (Can only be used if Follicle Fuel is FULLY charged) – Kill both Monks and Mutated Lice
  • Thor's Hammer – This will spawn spontaneously in game and once obtained it kill all enemies instantly.

For the best experience, we recommend using the number keys at the top of the keyboard for switching weapons and moving around with the arrow keys


Game design and art:

  • Handri Prinsloo
  • Wynand Prinsloo


  • Wynand Prinsloo

Sound Effects:

  • Wynand Prinsloo

Background Music:



LastVikingBarber.zip 16 MB


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I think this is good, one thing though, there are so many enemies that you almost always are in front of the barber shop, also switching between weapons takes longer than it should (from my perspective) and prevents you from doing combos.

Hey @giantmuskrat. Thanks alot for the awesome feedback. I am glad you enjoyed. Nothed about the weapon keys. For the best experience I reccommend using the number keys at the top of the keyboard for switching weapons and moving around with the arrow keys, this should allow for 2 hands.

This was a good challenge, and feels really nice to play, a very solid jam game.  If I made one change, I would want the 'change weapon' keys further from the movement keys so I can play with two hands.