An entry for the 2018 #shenanijam.

Theme: Sticky Justice

Achievements: Blockchain, 3-bit, Maverick


In the near future, the endless flood of ads that we are bombarded with each day has gained sentience and taken form as endless waves of aggressive slime. Having lost his family to the carnage, Eli had all but given up hope, but then, on one faithful day, he found a very unique weapon, a block attached to a chain. Inspired by the beauty of the blockchain, he fashioned himself a gun that shoots goo which can trap his slimy enemies. With his blockchain, gun and vengeance in his heart, Eli will bring slimy justice to a world in chaos.


WASD: Move around

Left-click: Slam blockchain

Right-click: Shoot gooey goo


Art: Wynand Prinsloo

Code: Wynand Prinsloo

SFX: Wynand Prinsloo

Menu Music: The Precession of the Equinoxes in the Inverted Alps, by Azureflux ( (License:


Download 18 MB

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